This week was an interesting week for American Muslims. If this week showed anything, it's that Muslim Americans need their own voice in the media.

In fact, CNN says that there's a bias against Muslims in mainstream media. In an article from July 30, titled "Anti-Muslim slant by American media giants reaps criticism,"  CNN writers Ben Brumfiend and Leone Lakhani discuss how two media giants--one from the right and one from the left-- used this week's headlines to reiterate bias against Muslims and perpetuate stereotypes.

Huma Abedin and Reza Aslan made mainstream headlines this week.

Both Abedin and Aslan are Muslims. Abedin is in the clutches of a major political sex scandal, as Anthony Weiner's disturbing marital indiscretions can't seem to dissipate.

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But her faith seems to garner media attention as well, as a New York Times writer implied that Abedin's choice to stay married to Weiner was motivated by her weakness as a Muslim woman.

Others went even further-- a commentator on Fox said that Weiner cheated on Abedin because she was a Muslim and wanted to take over America.

Reza Aslan, a scholar of religion, was in the news this week, too. He made headlines after a Fox News anchor took aim at him for writing a book on Jesus.

Muslim Americans need a voice in the media.

ILLUME magazine is one of these voices. The magazine began as a print magazine in 2007. The magazine eventually transitioned to online and became a daily news site, with stories ranging from daily lifestyle pieces to in-depth coverage on issues affecting race relations, Muslim Americans, and other minority groups.

ILLUME's core editorial team consists of four-- including former writers and journalists from CBS, NBC, Thomson Reuters and Bloomberg.

ILLUME has won many awards over the years and continues to garner acclaim for its one-of-a-kind platform and commitment to reshaping the Muslim narrative in America.

Furthermore, ILLUME has content partnerships with a variety of prominent news providers and is in the process of negotiations with some very prominent news sites. This would allow ILLUME's message to go even further, making ILLUME the go-to source for anything Muslim.

But ILLUME can't do it without the community's support. In 2014, ILLUME plans to launch more media trainings. ILLUME also plans to take college interns and train them on reshaping the ethnic narrative through unbiased reporting.

Please donate to ILLUME. Your donation can shape the message.



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