A Gap holiday advert featuring actor Waris Ahluwalia was defamed with anti-Muslim graffiti in New York City.

The holiday campaign's the theme is 'make love.'   But someone crossed out the 'love' and wrote 'bombs' underneath.  The graffiti also includes a line that reads, 'Stop driving taxis!'  The ad was displayed in the Pelham Bay section of the Bronx.

Muslim journalist and commentator Arsalan Iftikhar responded to the anti-Muslim slurs by saying: I want the world to see how brown people are viewed in America today.

GAP says they are upset over the graffiti and are working to replace the vandalized ad with a new one.  In a statement, GAP says, "Gap is a brand that celebrates inclusion and diversity. Our customers and employees are of many different ethnicities, faiths, and lifestyles and we support them all."

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