A 10-year-old Brooklyn boy reciting a prayer in Arabic while boarding a bus, prompted a bus driver to called the boy a “terrorist” and then refused him to board the bus. The boy’s family is now suing the Metropolitan Transportation Agency and the driver for discrimination and damages. 

The incident took place as the child was boarding the B-39 bus in Brooklyn on his way home from school. The boy was reciting a prayer, hoping it would help him find his Metrocard. The boy did find his card, but then found the driver would not let him on the bus. The lawsuit alleges after the boy was denied entry, the unidentified bus driver drove off. The boy told his parents what the incident when he got home and the family decided to take legal action.

The MTA declined comment on this story. The MTA did, however, allow to boy to view pictures of different bus drivers to see if he could identify the driver. The family still has not been told if the driver of that bus has been identified. 

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